Esto lo arreglo en dos patadas

Sentido común es indignarse cuando te toman por tonto.

The peace business

I am going to suppose that if you are reading this it is because you care enough for Spanish stuff that you’ve bothered to follow the news that have been appearing these past days about the “peace conference” being held in the Basque Country and that you know that there are some “international observers” participating in it. If you care but you haven’t read any news regarding this particular issue, I kindly invite you to read from a couple of different sources before reading the next paragraphs. If you don’t care, well, I won’t blame you but I’d still like you to read on.

If you have perused the international news you might have noticed that no matter the source they all seem to agree on the terms used to define what is taking place in the Ayete Palace in San Sebastián. Everybody keeps using the words peace conference, conflict, cease fire and other terms related to conventional wars. The presence of Gerry Adams, Bertie Ahern, Koffi Annan and other personalities give credibility to an Irish scenario. Well, I’m truly sorry to tell you that you are being told only part of the truth, if not an outright lie. I will do my best to explain why, if you bear with me for a bit longer.

As you may know by now, Spain is in the middle of a campaign before a general election to be held on November 20th, in which PSOE, the political party now on office is bound to suffer the worst result in its already long life due to a horribly awful management of the economical crisis, a criminal mismanagement of foreign policy and a simply filthy butchery of the Constitution that rules Spain’s life. The only ace up their collective sleeve is whatever hopeful message they can negotiate out of the ETA terrorists so they can clean their record before Spain buries their candidate in votes in a bit less than five weeks.

This “peace process” is not, by any means, a new last minute idea the PSOE eggheads have had once they have seen how hard the pre-electoral polls are going to punish them for being incompetent bastards. Back before ZP won the elections in 2004, three days after the biggest terrorist act in Europe took place in Madrid, he was already sitting down in front of some ETA assassins negotiating the kind of agreement they are trying to push now onto the public opinion. They kept negotiating even when they told everyone they were not. They kept negotiating while they presented themselves as the less terrorist tolerant knights ever to put a foot in Spain and signing an amazingly hypocritical pact with PP with their right hand while the left was discussing terms with the same terrorists they said they loathed. They told Spain everything was going to be just dandy a day before ETA blew up a whole four floor parking building at Barajas Airport, killing two Ecuatorian immigrants that happened to be sleeping in their car while they waited for some family to arrive at the airport. They have soiled the already quite dirty justice administration we have to suffer on our daily lives making some judges let some key ETA assassins go free (De Juana Chaos, Troitiño, Josu Ternera) and not chase them internationally once they have fled to Ireland, and bending the rules so hard they’re still shouting in pain to let ETA’s latest political arm to sit on local and provincial councils in the Basque Country, with access to public funds which they’re able to divert to whatever nefarious ends they deem necessary.

The “international observers” haven’t come to Spain on their own, they have been brought here on the Spanish taxpayer pocket according to most informations which talk about the Spanish secret service (CNI) diverting funds to a certain Henry Dunant Foundation, the front that has been used to pay the really big fees these well known money lovers are charging to lend their faces to this charade.

The document this “peace conference” has ejaculated after a long three hours of work is nothing but a copy of several documents already defecated several times by ETA themselves, using the same misleading language and demanding terms they have been using for now close on forty five years. To add insult to injury, the so called document has the wrong date on it. Hilarious if it weren’t enough to make lots of people cry in desperation.

No matter how hard the ETA and their fellow negotiators try, the terrorist issue in Spain cannot be treated, and cannot be accepted, as an armed conflict by anyone not willing to beat the dictionary senseless with the butt of their gun. There are close to nine hundred dead, from all walks of life, at the hands of these terrorist beasts while the most they have risked while bombing children or shooting unarmed civilians in the back of the head is being detained, judged and sent to prison after being sentenced. There has been no active army participation in these forty five years, it has always been a police issue, with the awful interlude that happened during another PSOE government that decided that some inept thugs could fight them on their own terms with disastrous results both in terms of innocent victims and ludicrous amounts of money stolen.  As a matter of fact, the closest these beasts have been to being defeated was when José María Aznar was in office, using only police work and the law, without shortcuts of any kind. Aznar did some other things as bad as anyone else, but in this his tenure was absolutely spotless.

I am sick and tired of ETA, but I’m even more sick and tired of the ones that keep trying to wash their bloody hands to make them presentable. I am ready to admit a negotiation, but only once they have been detained, judged and sent to prison. Only when their last weapons cache has been recovered. Only when their last extortion agent has been locked up. And, more than anything else, only once their last victim is content to forgive them and welcome then back into a democratic society or they have paid their dues in prison, whichever comes first. I have no problem with some nationalist idiot wanting independence from Spain, there’s no law against being a moron, as long as it’s not being done with my money and no one gets hurt while doing it.

To the ones telling the victims to “give something more” I’d like to present them to María Jesús González, mother of Irene Villa, who already answered this petition with a “I already gave one arm and one leg, and three fingers and both legs from my twelve year old daughter, what else do they want me to give?”.

In the coming weeks there will be a demonstration in Madrid against this disgraceful charade. The leit-motif will be “Not in my name”. I bet you won’t be able to read anything about it in the international press, even though these demonstrations have always been attended by more than a million people. I will do my best to attend, take pictures and post them here, just so you can read about it and decide for yourself.



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