Esto lo arreglo en dos patadas

Sentido común es indignarse cuando te toman por tonto.

Strings attached

Last week saw Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba resigning from his posts as First Vice-President, Interior Minister and Spokesman for the Government, changing his name to Alfredo P. and transmutating into PSOE’s candidate for the next general election. The date for this general election is still unknown, but everybody seems to know that it’ll be November 27th this year.

He’s now spent a busy few days trying to cut all ties to the zombie government still in office, appearing in several party acts saying that he’s the one that knows how to create jobs, fix the economy and generally bring happiness to everyone and their mother. His success in this apparently herculean task has been overwhelmingly nonexistent, as reality tends to be much less malleable than media, but give him time and he will find plenty of mediocre but zealous Riefenstahls to feed his Goebbels act and manipulate enough people into being sure that these are not the androids you are looking for. He has done worse things before.

His last decision before nominally leaving the government, while actively practicing a species of proctology cum ventriloquism act with still president Zapatero, was to appoint his successor in the Interior Ministry, namely a certain Antonio Camacho, his right hand during his tenure. It may be worth mentioning, if only in passing, that three of the closest aides of Camacho and Rubalcaba himself have just been accused of several crimes in the Faisán case, in which an ETA extortion collector escaped the police some minutes before he was going to be arrested because one of those aides walked into the terrorist’s bar and handed him a telephone through which someone in Camacho’s office called him and told him to leave before he got arrested. Curious behaviour for people supposedly charged with upkeeping Law and Order in Spain, but that’s probably because I’m a bit of a nitpicker and I lack a sense of humour.

I seem to have a memory, too, because this new Alfredo P. looks to me exactly like the same ugly bearded sixty year old inveterate liar that has been running Spain’s government while said government has been ruining us all. Sometimes I wish I could forget, I’m sure I’d be happier.


4 Respuestas a “Strings attached

  1. Errante 07/13/2011 en 19:27

    It looks like Mr Rubalcaba has the idea that IS NOT importat(at all) the path to achieve a goal(Final Peace with ETA).
    In order to give you an idea about the ´Faisan´ gate, imagine that Ms Clinton is helping the Talibans in the US not to be arrested by the Police, just with the idea of getting a ´peace´ arrangament with them.
    It´s disgusting the idea of thinking that the Spokesman of the actual government is responsible (at least politically, if not legally prosecuted) of helping a Terrorist movement.
    Three of his closest members of own team at the Ministry of Home Affairs are going to be seated in front of a court being named as collaborators of the Terrorist of ETA. They called one of the TAX COLLECTORS of ETA(they´re in charge of collect the ´revolutionary tax´ for the independece movement in Pais Vasco. This time they were talking about 9 MM Eur, almost 13 MM USD in one single pick up. Just think about all the guns that you can buy to kill people with this amount of money, not really ´pocket money´, eh?)
    Cruel future to come for Spain for the people of good faith, respectfull with law and the justice.

  2. TARANIS 07/13/2011 en 20:04

    Buenas tardes, desde mi zulo; ya sabéis que no es que no quiera escribir en ingles es que no tengo ni P. idealcaba de la legua de sir William, mi opinión que no tiene ni por que aproximarse a la triste realidad es que da igual el mes, la semana, el día o la hora de las “erecciones”, esto ya no tiene solución.
    En el zulo no podemos informarnos libremente, (¿qué zulo sería?) debido a que la larga mano de “sebástian” impide la libre informacion con su famosa e inútil tdt. Ello me obliga a informarme con el neo-nodo. He visto desde la defensa acérrima de doña Leire,-por su extrema delgadez-, la inocencia del ex ministro de interior y por supuesto la no menos inocencia del dos que ahora es uno, en el caso faisán, me he enterado de que intentar detener la policía a un ilegal los perro-hamelincabas lo impiden y es de lógica socialista que este bien, y veo como la ilustre oposición sigue creyendo que vive en un estado de derecho, lamentablemente esto recuerda mucho a la década de los 30 y estos Mariaonistas no se enteran donde están.

    Saludos desde el zulo. “bipedistas”

    • holla 10/18/2011 en 22:15

      el edificio entero es una enorme antena superconductora que se ha diseñado y construido expresamente con el propósito de atraer y concentrar turbulencia espiritual. El ático de tu novia es la torre de control de fantasmalandia.


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