Esto lo arreglo en dos patadas

Sentido común es indignarse cuando te toman por tonto.

Unbelievable bullshit?

Dear foreign readers:

I am quite sure most of you don’t care at all about Spain or can’t even place bull country correctly in the map, and I don’t blame you. It’s been a long time since we were anyone in the international landscape, mostly due to a long standing tradition of incompetent, corrupt or simply imbecile leaders and an inveterate indolence of most of the population. I’m almost positive that except from a handful of you, you ignore ninety nine per cent of our modern history, and I still don’t blame you. I have to admit the same degree of ignorance from lots of countries that mean nothing for me in my day to day life.

If, somehow, you are interested in what’s happening in the southwest corner of Europe, I will try to write at least on a weekly basis an article in English for your perusal. The only caveat is that you won’t be reading unbiased information, you will be reading my point of view. I don’t presume to represent anyone else, I’m a one-man band. By the same logic, you will be reading independent information, which I find to be an scarce commodity these days, even more so in my native country.

Another thing that I can guarantee is that at the end of these my weekly ramblings you will be left thinking along the lines of this article’s title.  I know because most of my foreign friends have serious problems believing the things I tell them about Spain. You are welcome to think so, too, but my answer to that question will unfailingly be:

“I shit you not”.


6 Respuestas a “Unbelievable bullshit?

  1. Raza 06/15/2011 en 17:33

    Dear all,

    First of all, I want to apologize to all of you, because my english is very poor.

    Anyway, I´d like to congratulate Fufinsky for this initiative, which will allow foreing people to increase their knowledge about my loved country.

    Dear foreing people, I´m pretty sure that you will find a lot of negative aspects regarding to my loved country, many of them justified if we consider the current scenario. But I hope that Spain will rise again as it done years ago. In this line, I will provide to all of you a lot of information about the man who accomplished that mission from 1936 to 1975, the man who should be the role model today. Of course I am referring to Francisco Franco…

    Get ready to admire with the story of his deeds!!

    Kind regards,


    • fufinski 06/15/2011 en 21:00

      Mr. Raza here is our resident “nostalgic”. He is one side of the “two Spains” of which I will talk at some point or other. At least he is well educated and doesn’t shit on the rug.

  2. TARANIS 06/16/2011 en 10:04

    ¡I don´t undenstad you! but if you knew the lenguage of william, stay here their national, social and flutedog.

    this washes dishes at mcdonalds.

  3. TARANIS 06/16/2011 en 12:08

    certainly, don´t often lie


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